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Не устанавливается BDE Administartor (Win XP)

Если Вы столкнулись с проблемой, когда Вы пытаетесь установить BDE Administartor на Windows XP, в результате долго ждете пока запуститься Инстилляция, и  ничего в результате не запускается.Или иногда  в итоге получаете сообщение об ошибке, что это приложение несовместимо (из-за 16 разрядности), или что-то в подобном роде, превышено  время ожидания.

Попробуйте обновить Windows Installer:

Скачать его можно с  сайта Microsoft:
Windows Installer 4.5



English Grammar easy-view for lazy

Present Continuous Tens (I am doing)

I + am + Doing.
He/She/It + is + V+ing.
We/You/They + are V+ing.

Circumstances when We use it:
In the middle of doing.
The action is not finished.
Changes happening around now.
<—- I am doing —->
Past                   Now                 Future

Signal words:
now,at the moment,Look!,Listen!



Present Simple Tens (I do)

I/We/You/They + Do + Verb(base).
He/She/It + Does + Verb(base).

Circumstances when We use it:

In generally.Facts.Happens all time.

<——————– I do ———————>
Past                           Now                           Future

Signal words:
every day,sometimes,always,often,usually,seldom,never,first…then





Past simple (I did/was)

I/We/You/They/He/She/It + V(+ed) or V(irregular).

(To be)
I/He/She/It + Was.
We/You/They + Were.

Circumstances when We use time:
Completed action.Action took in the past.


<– I did/was –>
Past                                    Now                  Future

Signal words:
yesterday, … ago, last …., in 1990



Past Continuous (I was doing)
I/He/She/It was + V(+ing)
We/You/They were + V(ing)

Circumstances when We use time:
I action in the middle of the past time
and not finished.

<– I was doing —
Past Now Future


Present perfect (I have done)

I/We/You/They + have + V(+ed/irregular).
He/She/It + hase + V (+ed/irregular).

Circumstances when We use it:
Finished action or situation.
When something happen in the past but
we talking about this now in fact and
don’t have a idea when somewhere in the past it happen.
We worry about fact,happen fact.
Talking about Recent past event.
To Talk aboutLife experience.

Unfinished action or situation with
“since” and “for”

Signal words:
this morning,this week,today,once
(many, few, several) times,before,so far


Present perfect continuous (I have been doing)

I/We/You/They + have + been + V(ing).
He/She/It + has + been + V(ing).

Circumstances when We use it:
Fo an activity that has recently stopped or just stopped
or has not been finished it does not matter.
There is a connection with now.

Signal words: